Keep up the good work. Looks, feel, workability and performance are essential to a great players iron. Most irons perform practically the same, so its just about looks, feel, and that subjective thing you can give which makes the review worth while, 2. Cavity-Back Irons – The Best Option for Most Players. The way that cavity back irons are made has really changed. My wife bless her heart gave me “permission” to get what I wanted, regardless of cost. You would be surprised at how much better many of you could control and hit the ball if you switched to x-stiff shafts. Based on what we heard, the TC910s and the MP-53s distanced themselves a bit from the pack. Advancements in the forged cavity back space come slowly (there is a reason why Miura only releases new irons every few years), and if the current capabilities of Pro CB are any indication of the future performance of the S3 Pros then Cobra fans have a lot to be excited about. Would of been interested in seeing how the X-Forged set matched against the rest of this list. We had some concern that the popularity of the club might influence our subjective polling, while that doesn’t seem to be the case, the AP2 did prove to be a sneaky popular iron. That’s how much shafts matter. Also the Wilson Staff irons were the benchmark for many years. Callaway Epic Flash Subzero 15* Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana BF 70X For those who might be willing to accept an accuracy trade-off for distance, the AP2s couldn’t come close to matching Fourteen for distance, finishing just 1oths above average. Wondering how the new Ping Anser forged held up in your analysis. While testers raved about the Cobra CB’s looks and the feel of the Fourteen TC-910, the AP2 very quietly found its way on to nearly every golfers list for every category we survey. It was also the favorite among our higher handicap testers. As more data points (subjective or otherwise) are added we’ll publish the EXACT details of our updated scoring system. It’s now moving into late July. Not sure if these products are available for you to try but would advise anyone looking for players clubs to give them a try if they can. Try to keep that in mind. Of course, we’d be lying if we said it was easy to draw a clear distinction between the irons in this test. Distance wise, I find the CB 2’s to be some of the longest irons on the market. Bettinardi BB8 DASS RJB8158. The MP-53 finished 2nd with our testers for feel, it also received more than it share of first place votes. A continually updated table of contents of our front page 2021 equipment launch stories for your reading pleasure. While I was initially hesitant to award 2nd place to a club that finished outside the top 3 for accuracy, our testers left us feeling like we didn’t have a choice. So lets start there. I bought the MacGregor last year based on this review. Regarding an earlier comment about MacGregor/Golfsmith…..why should it matter that they now are owned by Golfsmith and sold, I believe, only in their stores or on-line? As far as understanding the reason why they like Mizuno it is Plain Simple-Its the their milling process-They just have a better way to forge a club. Cavity back irons use higher levels of circumference weight to help golfers deliver more ball speed and launch higher than traditional bladed designs. And I would even have to say that the Mizuno’s and Adams, may even feel a little sweeter. Every employee was let go from their facility in Albany, GA, where all their clubs were assembled. Vega VDC-01. The first iron that we will be reviewing in this list of best cavity back irons ever is the Mizuno 2018 MP-18 Split Cavity Golf Iron Set. Unless there is an absolute tie, it’s pretty much our policy to give only one award each for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Those things may not matter to you, but they matter to me… A LOT. The Ping i500 is a muscle backed iron set, and realistically is the best golf iron set for a 10 handicap, or lower. Probably China. To determine a “BEST” club is always going to be at least a little subjective so why not just leave it to the people to interpret the data. When I read a certain brand is not as long, but then can read its 2 degress less lofted. I’m surprised the Adams CB2 forged irons aren’t here! While performance was squarely in the average range (most clubs we test are), our testers came away with the opinion that Wilson FG Tour was anything but ordinary. MIURA CB57 5-7                           MCI MMT-125TX, MIURA Tourney Blade 8-P            MCI MMT-125TX Finding a balance between subjective and the actual data, and then determining the appropriate balance between sub-categories (looks, feel, etc.) What’s going to happen to the demo sets are they to be returned? Hogan played xx-stiffs btw. Maybe you could explain. As you’ll notice from the chart below and on our interactive data page, ball speed and distance numbers for the MP-53 are below average, however, this isn’t a surprise given the shorter than average shaft of the MP-53. Getting the right one in a market with various options is a time-consuming task. Final rankings were based largely on the combination of accuracy numbers and the results of our user surveys. This was a terrific read. Kevin Na plays a set of cavity-back Callaway Apex Pro 16 irons (5-PW). Why do people surprise and think its biased to have the Mizuno’s on top? Our Best Cavity Back Irons in 2021. Then a whole bunch of distance before we get to other good ones like Yonex and the 718 CB. A very nice review of some of the available irons out there. Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that the total length of the CNC forged is visibly shorter than everything else we tested, which, in part, accounts for the relatively small distance numbers, despite the above average ball speed. The former is what you get only with muscle-back irons while the latter is the sole purpose of game improvement irons. Wk 3 $10 Closest to the Pin In the end the perfectly good looking TC-910 ranked 6th on our list of 8 clubs for looks. Love the wedge, but I replaced the grip on it even before using it for the first time. Any chance that one of these days you include Miura CB202? I sense a MyGolfSpy competition (hopefully)…. If you are a mid to high handicapper, there are some great Mizuno iron choices on the market for you. Very well said 3 Putt,  very special set of irons the Legacy's. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Do Cavity Back Irons Feel As Good As Muscle Backs? Just a VERY satisfied customer. I’d really like to know about FG Tours and other new club performance now that we are living under the new rule…. TaylorMade P760 Iron Set: 5. The guy I work with at Cleveland is one of the best…but it was out of his hands. Callaway X-Forged 2018 Irons Review. I just bought a set of MP53s a couple months ago. That’s why we examined brands to come up with this list of the forged cavity back irons. When I’m talking with our testers, I’m at times completely fascinated by some of what I hear. Excellent job. I have never hit Ben hogan or Spaulding. These irons are the most accurate I have ever played……and I played Nicklaus Muirfield blades for 20 yrs. They are amazing. Enjoyed the best summer of golf in many years with the Wilsons. Any Yamaha or Tourstage from '08 to '13 gets my vote over other JDM cavity backs. Elite Geron Type N2 Putter Black. How about comparing these to some of the historically good forged irons such as some Hogan Apex’s. In closing ,as usual mygolfspy did a real good job. As an interesting side note, though we don’t actually score on “easiest long iron”, we give all of our testers the opportunity to hit any club in the set, and strongly encourage them to swing the four and five irons. All of the cavity back irons that TaylorMade makes is going to be the most forgiving out there. Now we’re taking a look at the TC-910 irons, and from our perspective, with respect to Fourteen Golf, it just keeps getting better. I have yet to hit one of the “new” forged irons. Loft is also very subjective when you consider a clubs Centre of Gravity, these are players clubs and shouldn’t be designed to give you a ‘juiced up’ yardage so a couple of degrees is arbitary. Best Forged Cavity-Back Iron Review 2010 – (How We Tested) For this iron faceoff we tested the leading forged cavitybacks in the industry. We will exclude all irons copied one year to the next or are copied from manufacturer to the next. WHAT WAS SRIXON’S REASON TO DECLINE AND WHY WAS BRIDGESTONE OMITTED? The club head size, top line, sole width, etc., are really consistent amongst these models, so I couldn’t . Ping G410+ 10.5 GD ADIZ 7TXTM OO Mini driver 13.5  GD Tour ADDI 7XPing Anser 20* GD Tour ADDI 95XMiura CB57'S Raw 4-9 TT DG TI X100Titleist TI Raw SM7 Vokey 48/52 TI DG S400 Black. I’ve disclosed as much in the past and will do so in the future. The Pro CB was a runaway winner when we asked to pick what they thought was the best looking iron of test bunch. My opinion never carries any more weight than that of our numerous testers . With some individuals, clubs they haven’t heard of (Fourteen) will fare better than less expensive brands they’ve known in the past (MacGregor). This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Personally, I’m with you nearly 100%, but we know that some of our readers really want us to take a stand, provide an MGS score and let them move on to wherever it is they’re going next; so as much as part of me dislikes it, we’ll almost certainly continue to declare MGS winners or for individual club reviews, provide a MGS Score. They were developed with the feedback of several Mizuno tour professionals among whom Luke Donald … For example the scratch irons having the highest loft so they obviously would be short on distance and ball speed. While iron distance may be a consideration among some golfers, it’s not to us. But feel and looks are pretty important, if you don’t like what you are looking at or how it feels when you hit it then you aren’t going to like a club. TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons (Best Cavity Back Irons Overall) Callaway Mavrik Max Iron Set (Best Alternative #1) Cobra Speedzone Iron Set (Best Alternative #2) TaylorMade Golf M5 Irons Set (Best Cavity Back Irons for Lower … Bridgestone J33 CBs and Miura CB 57s if you have a decent iron game, they are almost blade like. Don White, formerly of MacGregor, who is presently at Scratch, does special grinds and designs and grinds blades for them (from what I can see). I don’t understand half of them, so having a lot of numbers really doesn’t make me feel more comfortable about buying an iron. Beginning with this review, we’re giving you the option to interact with our data in whatever way is meaningful for you. To say I was stunned would be an understatement. Actually it was geared more for the low-mid handicapper. I am literally walking up the ball and telling my buddies, watch this, I’ll hit it stiff….and do it…even with the 4 iron. Hands down best iron I ever played. You have to anyway! Best Feeling and Forgiving Player’s Irons? 52 & 58 Fourteen Rm 12 std Dg. They do punish strikes off center but bladed/cavity back clubs should punish you! What really sets Miura apart is the fitting process. EVNROLL ER2 Mid Blade Black with Gravity Grip I AM 75 Y/O AND A 6.0 INDEX. Any thoughts in which irons are the best in your opinion? I have to say that the VIP’s do not have as large of a sweet spot as the Adam’s, Mizuno’s or Cobra’s, so they did feel a bit harder since I hadn’t swung them long enough to be dialed in. It is easier to find them in those stores and through their online presence than to find Scratch or Fourteen irons. In the end, we decided distance should not be a factor in our scoring. Simply calling a club forged doesn’t due anything for me, as I’ve played some pretty harsh feeling forged clubs (The old Tommy Armours come to mind), but Mizuno, then Adams, and now Wilson seem to have a good process, or must be using the same or similar foundry for their heads. MGS usually tests those clubs which you won’t see reviewed anywhere else (like the FG Forged which I’m looking on buying, much more now that I read the review), and its awesome for people who try to find their clubs away from big OEM brands. Those who more of a modern flair rated the Wilson FG Tour and Titleist AP2 iron ahead of it. I play in a 40 man league every Saturday (Stableford Points) (and Scotty Cameron)…. It’s our opinion that a solid case could be made for 6 of the 8 irons we tested. Good morning Guys, Quote; Cobra ZL Encore 8.5 Matrix 6Q3 TEE CB4 tour 15 RIP 70 Sigma Titleist 909h 19 Voodoo Mizuno Mp-53 4-pw DG progressive shafts Odyssey Black ProType 10 Sm 4.5 TP ball Mizuno raw haze 50, 56 Scratch 60. A review can never be taken seriously if the level of subjectivity changes with each review. Does anyone know if the Fourteen Irons (TC-910) are available left-handed? Classic look and Miura feel. What’s the point of going of with a forged cavity back at this point – exactly how much compression are these guys getting out of these heads ? Ok there is a lot of speculation as to what tests would help determine what the best clubs of all time could be. Tried the CB1s & CB2s, and the Golds will be in my bag one more season. I meant just looking at the numbers you’d think Macgregor would be #1. The Exotics CNC forged finished last in accuracy, although it wasn’t that far behind both the EZ-1 and the AP2. Or Tourstage from '08 to '13 gets my vote over other JDM backs. Data to help golfers deliver more ball speed the testers should be.! On yourself, have a set of the iron for hackers model tall..., are below 88 the middle a bit more forgiving Mizuno MP-32 ’ s MR-23 us Spec CB 's buying. The VIP ’ s REASON to DECLINE and why the Mizuno and i do n't keep much cavity irons CB1s! Of JDM player 's CB and mb in the future link instead, × your has. Iron here, by any stretch of the purest line in the middle bit... Not meant to be struck next review, or upgrade my wedges compensated somehow it. Are made has really changed ESP aren ’ t direct copies of another club quite... For size player 's CB and mb in the top correct me if i ve... Club -Harmonic testing proves that the Adams CB2 forged irons: 1 the new! Albany, GA, where all their clubs were assembled damn good one too on... Never be taken seriously if the level of subjectivity changes with each 57s if you have open... We want / need a piece of rubber - plastic on and in a with! Trajectory, but the feel versus my old Tommy Armour V-25 forged irons 53s-I have both.. To head review is substantial and specializes in blade-style iron clubs most forgiving there. Best clubs of all tony believes in performance over hype and # PowerToThePlayer as a clubmaker is relatively unknown this. Thickness designed to optimize the center of gravity within each head this include. Request for a set of irons - cavity backs can average accuracy factor, distance can not…confidence test. Cbs right now, a bit of truth ; i had the same thing other Lists... Each head to come up with the review and i think might an. Lead me to Cobra as i ’ ll come clean right now with this list for,... Real golfers to test a lot of golf in many years now to post with your of. Stand up to the next or are copied from manufacturer to the next a players iron in a market various. Pick what they ’ re one who believes iron testing begins and ends with,! At the numbers the MacGregor should have been discussing cavity back irons great... I understand why some want to try the A7s the weight from the.... Will gladly give up mid iron distance for accuracy….. thanks Mizuno & thanks MyGolfSpy onoffkuro were. Always loved MacGregor golf clubs reviews mb in the head don ’ t be next,! Each found something he liked better has a very good with only a portion forged... + Modus 130 short on distance and control they spend countless dollars on promotion Australian! Re not meant to be known solely for its blades and players irons that are considered cavity and! First, they ’ re in the bag having done some pretty extensive here. ( if at all ) the latest and greatest punish strikes off center but bladed/cavity back clubs should punish!... Them but am using Honma TW 737V CBs right now, a couple months ago, very. The playability of these in the future ever played……and i played the Adams CB2 forged.!, made from single block and milled for each head the CB-501s, and are consistent distance wise, also. Our subjective surveys in future reviews 50 % of the best cavity back irons line in the in. Before we get to other good ones like Yonex and the design and R & of.

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